Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Promised My Kids Some Photos...

I promised my Pony Club kids that I would post pictures on the blog.  And also the sled dog folks.  And various other people who took advantage of the free dog agility lessons.  SO.

If you want to see photos of President's Cup weights and measures, the Pony Club course walk with Doug Payne, and some nasty looking thunderstorm clouds, check out my pictures from FRIDAY

If you want to see pictures of President's Cup competition, mini horse demos, sled dog demos, tracking demos, Ray Owen's concert, Kids Corner, the falcon guy, and Courtney Cooper, check out my pictures from SATURDAY.  There's also a few videos mixed in there.

And if you want to see President's Cup awards, Shetland Pony races, dog agility lessons, and a tiny bit of show jumping, check out my photos from SUNDAY.

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  1. omg this website has changed my life you's are so amazing. i wish i could be like you's... you rock my world :) <3