Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here's a Peek at MY Day. How Was Yours?

I'm the Special Events coordinator.  Which means I worry about President's Cup games, and dog agility demos, and Kids Corner, and Sled Dog demos, and HorsePlay, and the falcon guy, and all those other things that make the Dansko Fair Hill International the true family fun experience that it is.

It also means that I saw about three horses running cross country today.

So, if you spent your day watching cross country here at the Dansko Fair Hill International - here's what you missed!

President's Cup, Mug Shuffle race
Tracking dog demo (they will return at 10AM Sunday!)
Hey, look!  A horse!
Someone's (full disclosure, totally mine) cute kid, playing in the corn pool by Kids Corner
Flyball demo
Ray Owen concert
Mini horse demo
More minis.  This little girl is nine years old, I believe
More minis.  They will be back on Sunday at 11 and 1:30.
Another horse
Sled dogs patiently wait for their demo
Play-doh and face painting in Kids Corner
Cute small bead stringer in Kids Corner
PRO rider Courtney Cooper does a talk "About Eventing" after riding her two star cross country course
Falcon guy
More kids in the corn pool
HorsePlay (done by a local 4-H group)
More HorsePlay
Hooking up sled dogs
And off they go
More sled dogs.  They will be back at 12:30 on Sunday
HorsePlay takes a bow after a great show
Another Ray Owen concert, with audience participation
Stick horse racing at Kids Corner.  Kids Corner is open Sunday, too!
Another flyball demo
More flyball
Cute coffee advertiser
Presidents Cup games - balloon race
More balloon race
Games riders have ridiculous vaulting skills
Presidents Cup games - sack race
More sack race
I think this game was called Five Flag
Entire group of Presidents Cup kids head back home after afternoon games
Brother and sister Sarah and Dexter Lipps, members of the Heartland Region Star Blazers team, from Illinois

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