Friday, October 14, 2011

Cross Country Times Posted!

Gratuitous cute dog and kid photo, courtesy of Shannon Brinkman

Cross Country Times just got posted!  Go to THIS LINK, and then click on "Saturday XC Times."  It will open an excel file on your computer with all the cross country times.

The day starts right at 9AM with Will Coleman and Ideal Contini on the Two Star course.  The Two Stars will finish up around noon, and the Three Stars are scheduled to start at 12:45 with Nina Ligon and Tipperary Liadhnan.

Fingers crossed, everything will continue on time all day and competition will wrap up around 3:45.

Again, PLEASE PLEASE save your car from the mud and the tow chain of the tractor, and park at the Fairgrounds (on Rt 273) and catch the bus over to the Festival.  Bus starts running at 8AM, in plenty of time to catch the first rider on cross country!

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