Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 people, 12 hours

Check out these awesome ducks at one of the water jumps.  Incredible, right?  It took three people twelve hours of continuous painting to make them look like they are.  That's a lot of painting.

Fair Hill is bustling with activity right now.  There is so much that happens behind the scenes, and so much effort and attention to detail and planning and just hard manual labor that goes in to making this event what it is.  So many volunteers.  And, yes, they are all volunteers.

Dansko Fair Hill International's Festival in the Country starts with a clean slate.  A state park (technically a Natural Resource Management Area) that most of the year plays host to bikers and riders and carriage drivers and hikers and runners and people walking their dogs.  It's an amazing area.  But there's no running water at the Festival site, and limited access to electric.  And also no buildings.  So everything needed to make the Festival run is set up weeks in advance.  Tents.  Water tankers.  Ice trucks.  Generators.  Light towers.  More tents.  Port-a-pots.  Dumpsters.  Recycling bins.  And the list goes on and on.

Here's some photos from today (Saturday) to give you a little taste of the hub-bub at the Festival:

Stabling tents.  Conspicuously missing?  STALLS.  Hmmmmmm.

Hard work is always easier with a good helper.

Driving Dressage Arena, all fenced off and ready to host sled dog demos, tracking demos, Search and Rescue dog demos, and mini horse demos.

The Big Top, with the main arena in the foreground.

The guys creating brush jumps.  The brush came from Virginia, in a huge trailer that was packed full of more brush than I have ever seen before.  They wouldn't tell me how they stuff so much brush in to one jump.  Trade secret, they say...

Thinking about tailgating??  Here's your view!

Fran Loftus, jump decorator extraordinaire.  She makes the cross country jumps come to life.  And then, because she's bored when the event rolls around, she's in charge of setting the stadium jumping course, too.

Love this jump.  See those foxes?  Fran.  She painted them.

If you get a chance to walk the course, look closely at the attention to detail at the jumps.  It really is amazing.

Six hours later.  Stalls!  WHEW!

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