Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting to Know Peter Atkins and his family

Living so close to Fair Hill,  I often host competitors from Fair Hill.  This year, in a "its-a-small-world" scenerio, we hosted Peter Atkins, his wife, Amy, their son, Owen, and Peter's young horse, Drake, during the event.  Because of some truck problems, Peter and his horses Henny and Drake stayed with us afterwards.  What a great time we had!  Peter has a great sense of humor and a wonderful devotion to his family. Amy  The connection shared by horse and rider I first saw in the Run Henny Run video of the x-country WEG  I saw up close during the event.  The connection between that horse and not only Peter but also with his family. The horse is always aware of where Peter is and focuses on Owen when he is nearby.  On their website, Amy has pictures of young Owen riding this powerful 3-day horse in a lead line class!  We are so fortunate to have had Peter and his family come into our lives. We plan to be in touch with them in Florida when we make the trip south this winter.
Owen, at age 5(?)  rode Henny in a Lead Line Class!
These two definitely have a connection!
A big father - son hug after Dressage

Peter getting the hang of being behind a horse instead
of being on top!
Since my sport is combined driving, and Peter had time on his hands after the event, I talked him into going on the back of the carriage and prodded him into driving my mare!  Having only driven a pony years ago for about 10 minutes, he took the reins and had the mare going quite well in a short time.  He even managed to shoot a short video while driving and read and answered a few texts on his cell phone!  Before he left he cooked one of his specialties for dinner, a great Salmon dinner!  My only regret is not getting a photo of my ole swaybacked hunter with his two illustrious pasture mates!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Promised My Kids Some Photos...

I promised my Pony Club kids that I would post pictures on the blog.  And also the sled dog folks.  And various other people who took advantage of the free dog agility lessons.  SO.

If you want to see photos of President's Cup weights and measures, the Pony Club course walk with Doug Payne, and some nasty looking thunderstorm clouds, check out my pictures from FRIDAY

If you want to see pictures of President's Cup competition, mini horse demos, sled dog demos, tracking demos, Ray Owen's concert, Kids Corner, the falcon guy, and Courtney Cooper, check out my pictures from SATURDAY.  There's also a few videos mixed in there.

And if you want to see President's Cup awards, Shetland Pony races, dog agility lessons, and a tiny bit of show jumping, check out my photos from SUNDAY.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VOTE for Fair Hill feet!

Eventing Nation had a contest a couple weeks ago, to submit a picture of your bare feet in order to win a new pair of Dubarry boots.

The finalists are posted, and the poll is up:


Photo Number ONE is our very own Mary Coldren, FHI Eventing Secretary.  Those are her feet after stomping around in the Fair Hill mud all day Thursday and Friday.  CLEARLY our Mary needs a new pair of boots, don't you think?

Take a second and vote for Mary's cold muddy feet!

Monday, October 24, 2011

We want to hear from YOU!

Did you attend the Dansko Fair Hill International Festival in the Country this year?

If so, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we would very much like to get your feedback on our "people-side operations."

Please follow THIS LINK for a short survey (I promise it will take less than five minutes).  We used this survey last year, as well, and your feedback brought about changes to our admissions lay-out and gave you increased signage at the event this fall.

As an incentive, all respondents will be entered in to a raffle for TWO four-day General Admission passes to the 2012 Festival - though this will require you to provide a valid email address so that we can contact you, should you be the lucky winner.

We appreciate your feedback!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another video

EVENTING NATION gets all the cool videos...

The one linked above is long, but a fun overview of Saturday at the 2011 Dansko Fair Hill International.

Thanks for posting, Eventing Nation!  Also check out Eventing Nation for coverage of the Pan Am Games, happening NOW in Mexico.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Wrap-Up, Video, PHOTOS

Just in case you didn't get enough coverage from the 2011 Dansko Fair Hill International...  here's some links to more!

EVENTING NATION posts a fun video from our announcer, Brian O'Connor

USEF has a recap of the two star and three star winners

And here's USEF's update after Saturday's cross country

Nothing hugely new here, but here's a wrap-up from HORSECITY

A little local angle from THE EQUIERY

Here's a great blog posting from three star competitor EMILY BESHEAR

And a posting from DOUG PAYNE, about the seven billion horses he rode at Fair Hill

And, finally, thanks to EVENTING NATION for posting Doug Payne's helmet cam video.  Yay!  Love some good helmet cam footage.


Oh, wait!  I just checked SHANNON BRINKMAN'S website and she's got CCI** photos posted.  Three star is coming soon, so check back!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Run Henny Run!

Yay!  Eventing Nation did all the good work of finding the Run Henny Run helmet cam video posted on line!

So I'll JUST LINK TO THEIR POST and you can enjoy, too.

Thanks, Peter, for the awesome helmet cam footage.

And thanks, Eventing Nation, for your fabulous coverage throughout the weekend.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photos of things NOT CCI

Once again I was out and about today, taking care of President's Cup Pony Club kids, Shetland Pony race kids, dog agility friends, and more.  Here's some things you might have missed if you just sat by the main arena watching stadium jumping...

OK.  Fine.  If you were sitting by the ring you saw this, too.  Kylie Lyman and Trading Aces, during their victory gallop.
Kylie was all smiles
President's Cup Pony Club kids all in the ring for their final award presentation
The Gummi Bears, from Kentucky, take home top honors in the President's Cup competition.  Nicest kids EVER.
PRO Riders and Shetland Pony riders pair up for the Pony Relay
Here come the kids, rounding the corner and (hopefully) getting ready to stop and hand their pony off to their PRO rider
Will Faudree just barely beats out Clark Montgomery, in a final sprint around the last turn.  Then Will went and rode his three star horse in stadium jumping and placed fourth in the competition.  Wonder which was more fun?
The ladies were a little bit slower
And had some saddle issues.  They called for a re-match
Thanks, kids!  You guys did great.
Wait, WHAT?  You didn't get down to Kids Corner to race a stick horse??  You'll have to come back next year, then.
Free dog agility lessons were a hit all weekend long
This little dog didn't need lessons.  He was a natural.
Yay, through the tunnel!
I did actually watch some show jumping.  This is Henny, who I am hoping will post his Run Henny Run helmet cam video in the next couple days.  Henny and Peter Atkins finished 11th.
And finally, here's Becky Holder and Can't Fire Me.  They pulled just one rail in stadium and finished in second place.
I think Shannon Brinkman has run off to the Pan Am Games, being held next weekend.  So I'll try to get some more photos from her.  But if I don't succeed, check her WEBSITE in a few days to see what she has posted there.

Sunday Wrap-up!

Big congrats to the CCI** winner, Kylie Lyman and Trading Aces, and to our CCI*** winner, Boyd Martin and Ying Yang Yo.  Full results can be seen HERE.

Here's some links to read results and more info:

EVENTING NATION has a lovely three star recap, along with some video

A nice article by Nancy Jaffer from EQUISEARCH

Here's another article by Nancy, published today on New Jersey.com.  It's Saturday's news, but still an interesting read.

Here's a recap of the Sunday morning jog, from THE CHRONICLE

EVENTING NATION'S all-important video of the Shetland Pony races (a total must-see!)

EVENTING NATION has a Sunday morning jog report

Sunday photos from THE CHRONICLE

Three star recap from THE CHRONICLE

Two star recap from EVENTING NATION, with video

Not from today, but I just found it, loads of cross country pictures from THE CHRONICLE

Once again, we could not make this event work without the tireless effort of many many fantastic volunteers.  THANKS so much to all of you for all you do, and all you did to make the 2011 Dansko Fair Hill International a rousing success.

A thousand thank you's

The excitement of Dansko Fair Hill International 2011 has come to an end. This has already been stated, and will be stated several more times in various forms, but thank you to all of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers who made this one of the best events in years! Also thank you to Eventing Nation for linking our blog on multiple occassions, it accounted for nearly half of all viewership!

We will try to post pictures from the final day of competition at some point in the next few days, but for the time being everyone is taking a well deserved rest!

Thank you again to everyone who volunteered and supported this wonderful event.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

And Some Video

I forgot I took some video today, too.

Here's some flyball madness, sled dogs, and Presidents Cup sack race


Sled Dogs
More Flyball
Presidents Cup

Here's a Peek at MY Day. How Was Yours?

I'm the Special Events coordinator.  Which means I worry about President's Cup games, and dog agility demos, and Kids Corner, and Sled Dog demos, and HorsePlay, and the falcon guy, and all those other things that make the Dansko Fair Hill International the true family fun experience that it is.

It also means that I saw about three horses running cross country today.

So, if you spent your day watching cross country here at the Dansko Fair Hill International - here's what you missed!

President's Cup, Mug Shuffle race
Tracking dog demo (they will return at 10AM Sunday!)
Hey, look!  A horse!
Someone's (full disclosure, totally mine) cute kid, playing in the corn pool by Kids Corner
Flyball demo
Ray Owen concert
Mini horse demo
More minis.  This little girl is nine years old, I believe
More minis.  They will be back on Sunday at 11 and 1:30.
Another horse
Sled dogs patiently wait for their demo
Play-doh and face painting in Kids Corner
Cute small bead stringer in Kids Corner
PRO rider Courtney Cooper does a talk "About Eventing" after riding her two star cross country course
Falcon guy
More kids in the corn pool
HorsePlay (done by a local 4-H group)
More HorsePlay
Hooking up sled dogs
And off they go
More sled dogs.  They will be back at 12:30 on Sunday
HorsePlay takes a bow after a great show
Another Ray Owen concert, with audience participation
Stick horse racing at Kids Corner.  Kids Corner is open Sunday, too!
Another flyball demo
More flyball
Cute coffee advertiser
Presidents Cup games - balloon race
More balloon race
Games riders have ridiculous vaulting skills
Presidents Cup games - sack race
More sack race
I think this game was called Five Flag
Entire group of Presidents Cup kids head back home after afternoon games
Brother and sister Sarah and Dexter Lipps, members of the Heartland Region Star Blazers team, from Illinois